The Rap On Resentment


Anger is brief madness and,

unchecked, become protracted madness,

bringing shame and even death.



Hold it now,

right there!

Nurture it,

but beware.

Harbor it,

a slow ferment.

Pity though

the time spent.

It takes root.

Now it grows

from your head

to your toes.

Spreading fast

to the marrow,

sharper than

a poison arrow.

To the top,

through your brain,

it will drive you

two insane.

Can’t see straight?

Wonder why?

Take revenge,

blind your eye!


banged your gong.

They’ll stay where

devils belong!

So you say…

was it that bad?

And you’ll stay

very mad?

Oh, so what?

That’s too sad!

Tell you what,

you’ve been had.


of the cause,

for a moment

take a pause.

All along,

sing your song.

Guess what?

You’re wrong.

Others see,

they can tell.

You will both

go through hell.

Stay away

’till it’s done.

Who’s to blame?

You’re the one!

So what form

is your foe?

Shall we look

down below?

Just what then

will we see?

Yes we do,

it may be–

they’re the same

as everybody else.

Look in the mirror,

see for yourself.

Lose your focus?

Hocus Pocus!

Are you still there?

Vanish in the air?

Well, guess not.

Now you know.

Not that easy?

Let it go!

What it was?

Need a nudge?

Ain’t no doubt,

it’s a grudge.

Let it go!