Fantasies Lost


Innocence is lost — not when taught

“You’re born a sinner!”

That it’s a fact and you shouldn’t act

like that to be a winner


It’s lost about the time when taught

that Santa is a lie

The Easter Bunny, Superman…

and Jesus had to die?


Who taught the children fantasies?

Their dreams would not come true

Who’ll represent the innocent

when experience makes them blue?


They’ll find they have to love themselves

and in their hearts believe

You’re innocence is all you take

from this world we all must leave

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36 thoughts on “Fantasies Lost

  1. Very deep, I am just saying this few words, but your poem made thought a lot:

    But then it is not your own fault to lose your innocence, someone else makes you lose it. So why blame it on you? Why do you believe that you where born a sinner?
    First they make you believe things that are not real in order to make you happy.
    but when the truth is revealed you suffer for the loss of a fantasy.
    You where born a credulous creature, and you gradually stop being one.
    That’s true, and I hate this fact. I wish I could be innocent all my life, Innocence seems to keep hopes alive.
    I send you my love uncle

  2. Hello, Mariana!
    “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”(The Bible)
    That’s what I was taught. That’s what they drill into the heads of children.
    No religion, no culture is stain-free. We are all barbarians prone to
    violence. We like to see ourselves as civilized, but we all look out for
    number one.

    The ego is credulous, and the rational mind is skeptical. We retain both.

    I am guilty of my fair share of wrongdoings and misbehavior. There’s
    enough blame to go around, and I probably do not accept responsibility
    every time the fingers are pointed at me. I suppose it’s a face-saving
    device of sorts.

    As an adult, I believe that we are all born innocent. Whether or not we
    refer to sin as separation, or as missing the target, we do the best we can
    with the lot that’s been handed to us. I didn’t ask to be born, did I?

    Thanks for commenting. Religious thought seems to keep people at a
    distance, for most of us don’t wish to argue about it, I guess. Nor do
    people like being the defenders and apologists for their way of life. Other
    than that, maybe it was just a slow Monday around here.

    Luvz and hugz, sweet niece! I’m going to visit your site now.

  3. In karate we learned to discrimminate between hard and soft styles.

    That your phrase “you’re born a sinner” is in italics, made it jump out at me hard.

    The rest of the poem is soft with the use of words like children, love, hearts, innocence, blue, dreams, fantasies.

    Nix on the italics.

    You have a special cadence and gentleness when expressing any philosophy, unlike others who just seem to whine and be clever.

  4. Hi Keith,

    I understand the words so well 🙂

    When I used to utter them I received the reply: well, while you are here, why not make something of it?

    And then I listened to all those women that suffered so much during the WWII and I was cured.

    Never wine again and indeed: make something of it.

    And believe it or not, since then I made something of it 🙂

    Much love,


  5. I guess is scary uncle to defy or put in doubt god’s word. I wasn’t even thinking it was related to religion when I commented your writting, I do not think I would have dare if I were. By the way txs for the acclarations.

  6. Dear Sher, good to see you, and thanks for jumping in
    between The Rock and a hard place to go…go, like Hell!
    Fire and damnation, baby, good ol’ tent revival style. I could easily
    describe the whole scene, but I’ll figure you’ve heard about ’em already.

    Yes, it’s highlighted for good reason. Drills are sharp, and they bite.

    Thank you for the other complimentary words. It’s soft, but there’s
    supposed to be a sense of loss felt by the reader. Believe me, the
    preachers couldn’t describe Heaven any better than The Bible, but
    when it came to Hell, and what gets you there, they were full of
    creativity in a dastardly sort of way. Voices were raised to the hilt.

    I, too, like to be clever, but not this time. This is as simple as I get.
    It’s also 9 years old, and for a change…no further editing was needed.

    Whoa! Now I sound defensive. It’s not your fault.
    Karma came home today. Tardy and truant. Damn kids. Luvz, Mmwah

  7. Hello, Mieke!

    I’m glad to know that you feel your time is not being wasted, and may
    even have some kind of meaning. Some merit, too, amongst too long
    of a list of other things. You sound happy, and that’s great!

    Call it whining or nagging, there is a time for criticizing.
    Ask any Republican. There’s a fine line, but there is not
    always a fine time. I bitch aplenty, sometimes for good reason.

    Thanks for popping in again, and letting me taste your joy. Luvz, UT

  8. It’s only scary until you try it, Mariana.
    Blasphemy is relative, and lightning never strikes twice in the same place.
    So I move around a lot. Have you heard of, “wrestling with your angel”?
    That is expected of us. If there is a God, He’s not stupid. Or It’s not.
    Or She’s not.(Just covering my bases, so to speak.) Pause…

    Good! I’m still here. Always willing to clarify my personal preferences. Ouch!
    What was that? Hmmmm…I guess I’m done. Luvz, your dear ol’ uncle.

  9. dear keith,
    Innocence is our birthright
    And death right too

    I heard Vincent on the radio today – it’s one of the most pure & authentic songs ever written (imho 🙂


    Hi there Mieke!

  10. Dear Uncle Tree,
    I think that you have a naturally clever wit. Others can only fake it, force it, or otherwise mess it up like drones creating metaphor after metaphor on some floor of a factory some-fere. Ooops.

  11. Right you are, Kate!
    I haven’t listened to contemporary radio as of late.
    If you’d like to clue me in on Vincent, and which song
    that would be great. Hoping all is well with you and yours, UT

  12. Dear Maj One,
    In “Others can only fake it…”, of whom are you speaking?
    I wonder if you’ve been browsing the poetry section ’round here.
    Keeping my wits about me — is another way to say — stay on my toes.
    Right? It’s nice that you think so much where concerns yours truly.
    Flattery will get you…now here. Now hear this: thank you!

    I’m not going to knock these others who use metaphors thematically.
    With most of my old works, I had something to say most of the time.
    Reading through a lot of various type books brought on more questions
    than answers. I would then work through them, jot them down, decide
    on the rhythm, and then come up with some way to make it all rhyme.

    The parables always threw me for a loop. My type is better off with the
    more straightforward teachings and advice. Just say what you mean.
    Okay? That may be why Hesse got me to reading stories about the
    Buddha’s adventures. Once I started, I had to go way back in time in
    order to get to the bottom of it all. So it took me awhile.

    That really has nothing to do with anything, but there it is. Luvz, UT

  13. uncle tree, what a deep and profound message you have here. the teachings of religion have blinded us to follow a “straight” path defined by “them.” this, in turn, curtailed our choices.

    along the way, we too find a tree of life- a forbidden apple- that eventually opens our eyes to reality- reality that is far from all the fantasies taught to us when we were little. this, they call sin.

    but then who are we to judge what is right or wrong? the right path begins with loving one’s self- and they call that pride or even vanity.

    in the end, it’s still all up to us.

  14. Thanks for stopping by, Morganna! Nice to meet you! 🙂 UT

    Glad you liked it, Senoir Cinco Loafer. 🙂 Thanks!

    Thank you, Uma! 🙂 Hello backatcha!

    You’re the greatest, Jingle! 🙂 The pleasure’s all mine.

    Hi, Luke! Yeah, it is sorta sad.
    Thank you for the nice words!
    I highly value your input. UT

    The Victoria of Innocencia, ya. Glad I made sins-tooya. 🙂 Thanks!

    Thank you so very much, Mandy! 🙂
    For lots of things…

    What a thoughtful reply, Bing. Thank you for taking the time,
    and for the ultra-fine compliment! I appreciate it. And, I agree. 🙂 UT

  15. Sadly though, there are those who would shed their innocence for worldly pleasure. Even though I’m not so old, it reminded me of my younger years. =)

  16. Hello again, Ms. Talon! Thank you! 🙂
    And, yes, I’m sorry for the other,
    but frankly, it needed to be said.

    Nice to meet you, Panda Wolf! (I like that odd duo, btw.)

    I am so old…my innocence is all wrapped up in my bark.
    Now that my thick skin is shedding itself more and more each day,
    I’m developing an overbite, which is worse, believe you me. 🙂 UT

  17. I am just thankful for those fantasies…my five year old lights up every time I tell him a new story and he pokes his head around every corner constantly asking why about every thing. We run around chasing all sorts of things and make car races that track all the way across the house . Days like these should never end I guess that’s why I am doing them with him because I loved them…way back when… Thank you for the smile! would be sad if I was not in the middle of these great times! 🙂

  18. Glad I could make you smile, sir! 🙂 Nice to meet you!

    It is fun playing Santa Claus, isn’t it? I used to get a big kick
    out of doing that, too. Nowadays…I play the Christmas tree,
    which isn’t too bad, either. When it comes to Super-heroes…
    well, I only get to feel like one if I do something great for my
    kids and they treat me like one, which isn’t all too often.

    What good are heroes? To children? Ah, they set the bar high,
    spark the imagination, and show them just how good it feels
    to give of oneself for the benefit of another. Gotta have’em!

    Have a fine, fine Wednesday, good man! Peace, UT

  19. True biblical Christianity says yes we were born sinners, you see it when the first words of children are often a rebellious no. But religion keeps you in the sin box. Jesus came to set us free of the burden of religion. He said; “Come to Me” not to some denomination or to enjoy some religious experience.

    I came out of the established religious experience to experience the “simplicity of Christ’ not to be caught up in religious traditions taught by men.

  20. I couldn’t agree with you more. Spiritual experiences are the most personal experiences you’ll ever have, if God sees it in His goodwill to grace you in His own good eternal timelessness. For me, such experiences have only happened when I’ve been alone. Do not be afraid to seek Him in private. He can be quite the show-off. I’m tellin’ ya! 😉

  21. Could you say, childish “fantasy innocence” is “all about me,” Disneyworld…whereas mature grace, as may come with age, is somewhat the opposite? Maybe if we didn’t hang so much on the former, we’d do better on the latter?

  22. It’s hard to believe in anything anymore, George.
    I may have a lot of general knowledge, but I seem to know very little.
    Good thing I love to guess. Close does count sometimes. Yes?

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