12 thoughts on “The Rotten Cycle Of Life

  1. IT sounds beautiful, but its quite puzzling to me the poem, maybe is my english. By the way there was a time when I used to listen to a Donovan record nonstop.

  2. I never considered the banana as a metaphor for life, but Uncle, it is! The lesson, enjoy it when you can… not too soon… but even when it’s going bad, you can still make a wonderful dessert from it.

    Or maybe the lesson is not to comment on poetry when one is hungry?

  3. Apparently, Mariana, this fruity metaphor was unable to cross
    the language barrier of understanding. I will gladly decipher this for you.

    Green is representative of birth and youth, or the springtime of life.
    Yellow is for young adulthood. It is ready (to eat), but not fully mature.
    Freckled skin peeling away…the summer years and our sweetest days.
    (A commonality exists between the banana and the author. When the
    sun burns my freckled skin, it is easily peeled away and discarded.)
    Bananas bruise easily when ripe, and especially so when they are mistreated.

    The subject (now that it is completely naked and exposed) hears the call,
    or realizes that it’s all downhill from here, and can no longer afford to live
    on borrowed time. The clock is ticking so loud that you can hear every
    second pass. The autumn of life is realized. It’s time to accept the facts.

    A lifetime’s worth of labor now stands (or lies) on it’s own, separated from
    the source of life (the skin off my back). The sun, a not so innocent
    passerby, plays it’s part in the vaudeville act. It’s down for the count.
    Night (Death) comes forth to complete the act (the curtain call), and now
    the soul can mellow out backstage(drink a few beers and smoke some banana peels).

    I hope that is a helpful explanation for you. Donovan was the first to turn
    me on to the story of Atlantis. What a mystery! Peace and love, UT

  4. Have a sudden case of the munchies, eh, Bryan?
    I can well imagine that you will stay hungry for quite a few more
    years, young man. That’s a good thing, for it always leave you with
    room for dessert. I usually make comments when I’m full of it.

    One of these days I will have to pick your brain. Nothing serious.
    Stuff like…how do you procure your daily bread, etc., etc. Cool?
    Thanks for stopping by! It’s been slow here. Chow!

  5. I really liked it! full of meaning, I thought it had to deal with the explanation you gave me in the first paragraph, but I was not jure about how to fit it. IT isreally good mr. Maybe it is lacking a little hope, for your regular kind of writting, maybe it should.
    I would like to tell you some more stuff, but right now work wont let me focus. Hope you do not mind leaving it for later
    Always so wise mr

  6. Always so nice of you, ms. sweet niece!
    It is difficult to give, or choose, titles for some of these.
    I check with Google first, and a lot of people went bananas
    with mellow and yellow configurations. As far as lacking in hope,
    well, that could only work if one was hoping that forever was a fact.
    Eternity has slipped through our fingers, but it could be grounded here.

    Thank you again for all the support and encouragement! Luvz, Unco Tee

  7. Thank you, Sir Poet of the Isles!
    You know what they say,
    “A banana a day makes for a long, but somewhat slippery life.”
    Time to light one up and see just what explodes after-words.

  8. Quite ripe and a bit bruised, but
    I’m still hangin’, and I peel fine!
    🙂 Thanks for the visits, Jamie.
    Life’s been very busy lately,
    and sometimes…well, I feel
    like letting go of this place.

    Be good, take care, and keep cool, Sista!

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