A Tribute To My Nephew

Richard Alexander Watson

“Fly high, dear nephew! And say Hi to your dad,

and my dad, and the rest of our heavenly family for me. Will ya?”

Alex's Ninja

You see, Alex, 23, bought this motorcycle a couple of months ago.

Alex's cross/memorial

He went on to meet his Maker just a ways beyond this cross.

Uncle Tree and Alex's cross

I work for Kawasaki, and I stand for Uncle Tree.

No need to imagine how I felt. 

A good turnout for Alex's memorial cross placement

The trail of tears ended here on Highway 210, near Richmond, Missouri.

Alex's riding friends -- Fly High

Friends and family showed up by the numbers, which made me quite proud.

An angel in the midst

An angel in the midst is always a comforting sign.

Burnin' for Alex

Burning one for Alex made for a righteously appropriate goodbye.

Smokin' tires and blowing trees

Blowing trees is like smoking tires —

they both end up taking you to the place you’d rather be.

Alex's Nismo 370z

Alex’s Nismo 370z did likewise, but now it remains as part of his legacy,

Alex's skateboards, shoes, and flowers at Thurmon Funeral Home

as do his skateboards and tennis shoes, and the beautiful arrangements.

“Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with such a sweet boy.”

Alex Watson

Richard Alexander Watson

Richard Watson

Richard Lee Watson

11/23/65 — 9/17/12

Billy Lee Watson

Billy Lee Watson

8/24/31 — 6/25/16

Keith Alan Watson

Keith Alan Watson

Uncle Tree