Once Familiar, Once Removed

Our Heart Bush

The Heart Bush was once familiar, then all at once it was removed.

The Burning Heart Bush

Probably not moved elsewhere, nay.

Most likely mowed down to the ground for pity’s sake!

Hearts On Fire

Why in God’s name would they do such a thing, you ask?

Me, too. Good question!

Jupiter and the bloody Moon

We’ll have to ask the groundskeeper at

The Highlands Golf Course in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Highlands Golf Course

“I mean, really! How low can you go?”

Uncle Tree


40 thoughts on “Once Familiar, Once Removed

  1. I loved those burning sunsets behind the heart-shaped bush, especially remembering one you did at Valentine’s Day (if memory serves me right) … probably a new groundskeeper?

  2. Hard telling, Linda. It wasn’t even on the course.
    It wasn’t by a fairway, nor a green, nor a tee box.
    I can only assume, they got tired of mowing around it. Good grief!

  3. Thankyou Sir for liking my post. I am an aspiring short story writer who loved this passionate work of nature. Your style is very pure, original and comely. Goodluck Sir. And please continue reading my stories

  4. Sometimes I am left shaking my head at what people do Uncle Tree. Even if they plant another shrub or bush, chances of it being heart-shaped are slim to none.

  5. I hear ya, Linda, but like you say, cameras are good
    at filling in the banks. I just felt a tribute was in order.
    Uncle Tree feels obligated at such times, so I let him speak his mind. 😉
    Many folks aren’t famous until long after they pass, sad to say…

  6. Your heart-shaped sunsets are amazing, Uncle Tree. One has to hope that it was ignorance which cut the heart out of its soil, not indifference, but that might be giving too much credit.

  7. nothing better than a great sunset! I met this photographer once who poohed poohed the idea of taking sunset shots because they were so common.She wanted to do something more unique instead. I found her work boring to be honest.

  8. “Art is useless because its aim is simply to create a mood. ” Oscar Wilde

    Uncle Tree says the same applies to sunsets, although, in action, they do also set the time for Nature’s Ways.

    Your sunsets, Wayne, are exceptional, thanks to your profound skill as a photographer/artist/adventurer. Offices around the world would benefit by having your work plastering their walls and halls, in my opinion.

    Surely, I abhor boring folks. There’s nothing an entertainer fears more.
    Then again, in Blogsville, it’s certainly more common than many bloggers realize. I hate to tell them (so, I don’t).

  9. Thank you for liking my post about my visit to High Park to see the cherry blossoms. I’m a new blogger and I really appreciate your support. You are a true nature lover. Best wishes!

  10. not sure If I agree 100% with Mr.Wilde.I think out entire life from cradle to grave is a multifaceted layer of moods.Our lives are composed of many moods interweaving all the time.What a sunset does is to help compose similar moods at the same time.Positive moods basically. The sunset is a visually meditative moment. We are such a visually influenced species.
    There are many people who find me boring UT.(& I’m not dead yet,so there are many out there waiting for me to bore them) We are like snowflakes.Made of the same stuff with no two the same.

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