Introducing: Rudy The Cat

Rudy The Cat

Rudy The Cat is 4 months old now.

This was his first romp in the snow a couple of weeks ago.

Rudy's first romp in the snow

He seemed sure there was something crawling underneath.

Uncle Tree's cat

Rudy was a surprise Christmas present from my daughter.

El gato

Poor fella! Tomorrow he’ll be neutered. Prayers are welcome.

geese crossing

He loves sitting in the window, where the action is in full view.

geese under the radar

Photographs by Uncle Tree

Rudy's window to the world



30 thoughts on “Introducing: Rudy The Cat

  1. You are welcome. πŸ™‚ Yes, I have been busy, and I still am. I hope I will have more time to post new material on my blogs this year. I miss doing that.

  2. I remember when I was reading your posts backward to February 2016, I saw a cat looking out the window … it was a similar color – same cat family? That was a nice Christmas present from your daughter. Poor Rudy … but you’ll make it up to him with treats and lots of extra attention.

  3. Nala looked similar to Rudy in coloring (from what I recall)… Nala was gazing out a window at your flowers I believe. You mentioned Nebraska … that is how I knew you lived there. You do the same … best wishes to your fur baby.

  4. Had my first encounter with snow myself in Switzerland, so I can imagine how he must have felt, ☺. Will send a prayer for his health immediately as I don’t believe in postponing prayers.

  5. I somehow thought Nala was the same color as Rudy. Now I see Nala is a Maine Coon … so much bigger too. Hope it went well for Rudy – no news is good news, so he may not even spend the night after all … translation bill tonight!

  6. How did you know, Linda?
    Anywhoo, you’re right. Rudy is sorta roughing it. He gets the cone off at feeding time. Otherwise, he’s running into everything, and can’t get into spaces where he used to pass easily. He’ll get used to it, hopefully.

    I did hear it was Love Your Pet Day. Well? This is supposed to make him more lovable. A toddler on steroids is a holy terror, ya know? πŸ˜‰

  7. My friend Carol has three cats and they all have had incidents of one kind or the other and so I have heard about the cones or Elizabethan collars and how they try to take them off. It is funny sometimes. Plus, they like to hide in small places or under the bed and they get mad when they can’t go there with their “cone head”. Carol also has a colony of feral cats that she takes care of on her back deck all year long. She calls herself “The Cat Lady”. Rudy will be more lovable and stay by your side and not be “Rudy the Roamer” down the road, but … he probably wishes you would have just bought him a catnip-filled squeaky toy instead. πŸ™‚

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