In Honor Of Black Monday

A male Black Swallowtail

The angels were out in force on this most unbearable first Monday of October, 2017.

Swallowtail Nad Painted Lady

“Don’t do me like that!”, says angel Tom Petty.

buggy butterfly

My first cousin Barbara Jean says likewise.

Black Swallowtail spread-eagle

God rest their souls, along with the choir of angels coming out of Las Vegas.

profile of a Black Swallowtail

Photographs by a sad Uncle Tree



10 thoughts on “In Honor Of Black Monday

  1. Black on gold shall never tarnish, as tear-drops fresh the Dawn. Grim is the reaper and pain the divide yet still a rainbow bridge mocks he. Our Love.

  2. Thank you for your deep and sympathetic thoughts, my friend! My colours refuse to fade, and I pray I may continue to shed a softer light on the ugliness that so pervades our species.

    Peace and luvz to you, bruv. Sincerely, Unc

  3. May your cousin rest in peace, Uncle Tree, along with Tom Petty & all those so senselessly killed in Las Vegas. 🙏😥🙏✨

  4. Black Monday indeed ~ LV was something I cannot even imagine. And Tom Petty has been a favorite of mine for many decades… Your photos of these angels does good, beautiful shots and those lost are finding their way back through the beauty of nature. Thank UT, great and timely post.

  5. Thank you, Virginia. May the good Lord bless you.
    Sorry to say, as I know that implies a not-so-good God who allows these things to transpire. Smh…

  6. Thank you again, Randall. You are generous with your thoughts. Good man!
    I was 20 when I bought my first Tom Petty album. (Vinyl, LP, yes. You know. 😉 ) The Traveling Wilburys first CD is another favorite of mine. He fit in perfectly with those big shots.
    The Las Vegas tragedy? That just sucks, and continues to make me wonder about a good God who is said to be benevolent, omniscient, and omnipotent. And/or, I think of the saying, “Karma’s a bitch.” Or, “People get what they deserve.” “What comes around, goes around.” Who can tell me wtf that has to do with what transpired. Hurricanes, or “An Act Of God” in insurance terms…
    It all reminds me of a quote by William Blake: “God hits you over the head with a hammer, and Jesus comes along with a band-aid.” Well, we currently have Trump handing out band-aids and throwing paper towels at poor survivors who need to clean up after themselves and stop breaking the bank. Good Lord! 😦
    I needed to vent. Thank you for listening, my friend! Cheerz to peace of mind! (Good luck to us all with that.)

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