Blaze A Ways Away

Rose Moss sunset

Fall in line
Blaze a ways away
Fire no one

amber waves of grain

Take a stand
Relinquish your chair
Bed head says

plane sunset

Float on airs
Flags can wave themselves
Stay down wind

Flying Painted Lady

Hand on heart
Kneeling rocks the boat
Knock on wood

knock on wood

Sing for once
Trees have rights to knot
Strings lose ties

Equinox Reflects Fall

Stay loose truce
Beliefs have a price
Free rainbows!

Free Rainbows!

Clues to win
Race to embrace peace
Take your time

Uncle Tree's Painted Lady

I’ll take mine
Believe as you may
Folks allow such

Hummingbird sunset

Opinions and photographs by Uncle Tree



12 thoughts on “Blaze A Ways Away

  1. Such a fantastic series of shots UT, and I have to say the third one is something special ~ great perspective and creativity… Sights like this is what living a good day under the sun should feel 🙂

  2. Thank you big-time, Randall! 🙂
    And, thanks for being specific! I have so many sunset pics…sigh.
    Animating “still-life” moments is a challenge, and I much enjoy the experiment, as much as I enjoy the fruit it bears.
    It is an artistic way of ending the day, and takes my busy mind out of the picture for a spell.
    Have a great Sunday and a fruitful week, my friend. Cheerz to unified peace! UT

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