River Inn Resort

River Inn Resort

A supremely wonderful Bed and Breakfast Boat on the Missouri River.

Very reasonably priced for a small, but fancy cabin,

a tasty wake-up meal, and a well-anchored over-night stay.

Sunrise on The Big Mo

Sunrise over the Missouri River

Lodging on the water

Get a room on the riverside, and step out to this view.

Tom Osborne deck

While you’re there, catch a ride down river on The Spirit Of Brownville.

Captain Meriwether Lewis dredge boat

Just up a ways yonder on the riverbank — a beast of history:

The dredge Captain Meriwether Lewis


get a room

Uncle Tree onboard

“Ride on!”

Keith and Lu

Keith & Lu



8 thoughts on “River Inn Resort

  1. That looks really nice. I would love to be surrounded by nature and be on a river. I love in Montreal, the big city, and haven’t been able to have a retreat in nature in quite a few years.

  2. Thank you, Remrov! 🙂 We love the hilly river country.
    Coming from the Great Plains (flat city), it’s worth the hour and a half drive
    to regain the feel of a real road trip back to Nature’s rougher elements.

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