Puff Was Here

Mammatus clouds

If a choir of angels could leave footprints,

Mammatus clouds over Lincoln, Nebraska

I’m guessing they’d look a lot like these:

Puffy cotton clouds

Mammatus clouds in Lincoln, Nebraska

June 11, 2018

Photographs by Uncle Tree




40 thoughts on “Puff Was Here

  1. It was super-cool, Linda! πŸ™‚ The storms set up just beyond Lincoln that day (we were in a tornado watch) leaving these fuzzies in their aftermath.

  2. Very interesting looking Uncle Tree. Wow, tornado watch – glad you escaped unscathed. Parts of Pennsylvania did not fare so well according to some of the photos I saw online. The weather forecasters for my local CBS radio station are actually based in State College, PA and the a.m. meteorologist said it was likely a “rain-wrapped tornado” that was the culprit. I like the warmer weather as I don’t like snow, but not the storm threats that come with it. We have a stormy Saturday morning and 95 degrees Sunday, 93 degrees Monday – ugh!

  3. I just say… WOW! Amazing pictures you taken! Me who is an hobby photographer love this pictures. Well photographed!😊

  4. I am so late getting here tonight – it’s already Monday. I am sorry I didn’t get back here earlier – spent too much time working in the house and I will pay the price tomorrow morning.

    That’s nice your daughter is taking you out for breakfast for Father’s Day.

    Hope your Father’s Day was as special as you. Take care Keith.

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