Rudy Leprechaunzie

Early bird

Red Robins can read real people signs just fine, no worries.

March Moon setting

Sometimes, at the least, magic appears fully lopsided.

Dad's Peace Lilly

Sometimes, flowers crane their necks to peek out the looking glass.

Mischievous Rudy

 Tricks are for kids AND kittens — just ask Rudy.

He’s downright Irish sometimes!

Rudy leprechaun

Snakes are gone, but not forgotten.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Uncle Tree

I leave you with the link to my true leprechaun, Rainbow Eyes

Do help yourself to a peek.

Thank you!



22 thoughts on “Rudy Leprechaunzie

  1. The fat robin on the electrical box – LOL. Robins tend to be surly so I would not have shooed him away. despite a deep affinity for my fine feathered friends. I am having some issues with sparrows at my house – don’t ask! Rudy is almost the color of the moon, and, if not quite that orange, at least the color of the Plains he is gazing out at. Look at that inquisitive face! So sweet!

  2. Glad you liked these, Linda! 🙂 Rudy is an amazing rascal!
    He’s much less trickier now, minus front sharp claws and kitty balls.
    A grand sun with emerald eyes he will surely turn out to be. Thank you! 🙂 Cheerz, UT

  3. He won’t be a ‘roamin’ though and that’s what you want, so I’m glad he’s still talkin’ to you after his little operation. No more snow to frolic in, soon he’ll be following in your footsteps, checking out the butterflies and bees that do their Summer dance among the marigolds.

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