Angel Orange

Butterfly blues

 Blind from birth to evil, my sight was restored by the bright angel in front of me.

Uncle Tree's angel in orange

Now, you see, my eyes are no good,

Butterfly Trinity

but my soul was furiously replenished in a flittery-fluttery way.

Angel Orange

Saved by the belle — Angel Orange!

Octoberfest flies


Butterfly line-up

Alignments pave the way in a colorful array at the lunch line.

Monarch sky-view seats

HaPPy OctOber!

a pink rose of Fall

Uncle Tree



18 thoughts on “Angel Orange

  1. Beautiful pictures of the Angel Orange 🙂 I have seen them only a couple of times, always stunned by the size and beauty. I don’t think we have Monarchs in Ireland.

  2. Thank you bunches, Inese! 🙂 This was only the third one we’d seen this year. I was surprised, and somewhat stunned to learn — they only live from 2 to 5 weeks. They migrate every year as a species (Darwin had to love this fact), however, it takes 5 to 6 generations of Monarchs to be fruitful and multiply, before they finally end up back where they started (somewhere in Mexico, they tell me). Talk about determined. :/

  3. Yes, I too was sad to learn that their life is so short. They have such a complicated life cycle and behavior only to be around for six weeks… As you say, it is all about the species, not the individual. Everything for the bigger cause.

  4. If they were as conscious of themselves as we are (well, as most people are anyway), then they would try to be as unique and individual as possible, as much as we do, on the whole. I’m sure of it. 😉 Well, as sure as pigs fly…

  5. Their purpose is to preserve the species, not the individuals because the butterfly species is important for the vegetation on Earth. Everything and everyone serves a bigger purpose, and God knows why we are here because I don’t see how we benefit the planet.

  6. “…like pearls to a wedding gown.” Oh, my!
    I love that comparison! I’ve not heard that before, especially pertaining to my words.
    Thank you very much for the fine compliments! 🙂 Peace, luvz, and hugz! UT

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