Totally Overshadowed

solar eclipse



For once, see Father Time play the fool and stay put for five seconds.

For your first or last time, come to the dividing line!

See Mother Moon Superior glide her sleigh

across the vast expanse which hides the Milky Way.

Watch her steal the spotlight from our only light of day.

total solar eclipse

Photograph by Luc Viatour 

We live in a perfectly-sized space, where something

perfectly small can totally overshadow something perfectly large.

400 times bigger than The Moon, but 400 times further away is our Sun.

Perfectly placed as of now, but even this equation is falling into entropy,

as The Moon continues to drift further and further from dear Mother Earth.

Do catch this very human experience while you have the chance.

Nebraska map of total eclipse

↓ The best interactive map to use wherever you are ↓

overshadowed by the Moon

Mere creatures of the Earth are we, and we merely believe

in illusion perfected and far-out magicians far greater than we.

August 21st, 2017




9 thoughts on “Totally Overshadowed

  1. Enjoy! A great treat for you! However, it will only be visible from North America and parts of South America, Africa and Europe. Though, should we want to ‘see it’ here in the Southern Hemisphere (for me, Australia) on-line views will be available. Not the same thing, but, better than nothing at all…

  2. Thank you, Randall! The clouds wanted to show off more than the blue sky did, so I’ll say they won the match, but here and there we got some cool peeks and I took a few pics, which I’ll try to post this weekend. The out-of-state crowds were tremendous, and traffic was horrendous, like a rock show. 😉 But, we made it home safe and smiling. All is well. Cheerz! UT

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