The Evaporation Of Doubt


☿ ♁ ♆ ♅ ♆ ♁ ☿

♒ The Evaporation Of Faith ♒

♐  In the Garden, Jeshua wished for The Way out ♐

♋  God, in any guise, would have no need to doubt Himself  ♋ 

Jeshua was a Man ≈ The Son of Man ≈ The Son of Woman 

🌜 He earned the right to represent The Word 🌛

♑  I AM  π  God’s ♥ Word  π  I AM  ♑

♊ The First Creative Word ♊

⚶ just as YOU are just ⚶

⚕ GodognongodoG ⚕

⚵ lettersrettel ⚵

⚘ alwritla ⚘

⚴ ÜT ⚴


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◄ in tu it ►


PuRpLe Nep TunEs



10 thoughts on “The Evaporation Of Doubt

  1. Sweetie, I thought about what I said to you earlier.
    I should make it official on your blog.
    I always like the pictures you choose.
    It just makes everything you say come alive!!!!

  2. Hi there, Lu! Glad am I to hear you approve. Thank you!
    You are the shooting star that lights my constellation!

    ♋ What sets us apart is our taste in the arts. ♋
    With twin eyes bred from the same celestial pool,
    🜚 we thus see alike, filling space with love and delight. 🜚

    🍷 Cheerz to pieces of April! Luvz and huggz! UT 🍷

  3. Aye! Captain Capri Cornucopia! ♑
    PitcH a ForK UprighT, then PeeR ThrougH the ProngS
    As you RinG the RaiNBoW Up TighT
    ReLEaSe thOse WriTeS frOm WrONgS

    A♊ ♃ One & One ♃ ♊A

  4. Am I weird, or what? LoL Okay.
    I’ve gone MaD — with a smile and a wink.
    Thank you for sharing my electric eccentricity!
    Peace and luvz, ⚴ ÜT ⚴

  5. This is powerful stuff Uncle Tree and I was sitting here watching how you did this configuration of words to create the artwork … I know that took you a very long time to accomplish that feat … and it shows.

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