Song Of Understanding

forest at night

In the quiet of the mornin’

long before the cock does crow

the early bird, she comes a singin’

(hard tellin’ what she knows)

Seems to me, her tweets are secret-

coded notes with birdy words

so concise and quite direct

the foreign language that I heard

♫ ♪ ♫

sunrise in the forest

I bet, she often wonders if

her love can hear her song

restin’ in his tree on yonder cliff

Is it for her, he truly longs?


Is it for her, he waits at sea?

Does he not know her place?

Can he not see that he is free

to leave that lonely space?

♫ ♪ ♫

tree on a cliff

‘Twas then, I swear, I heard her sigh

one quiet chirp released

Her sadness nearly made me cry

as if her love deceased

Sometimes, the world just seems to stop

I know not how or why

alone we stand — no stage — no props

but moments do pass by

sunrise in the forest

In the stillness of that wanin’ night

no single thought in mind

I watched the dark give way to light

and understood their kind

Right then, I heard the sound of wings

a feather brushed my nose!

I felt the grace the good Lord brings

and shouted, “There he goes!”

I raised my eyes to clear blue skies

observin’ love in flight

two mates — forever in faith they rise

with nothin’ but hope in sight

Uncle Tree; Keith Alan Watson

Uncle Tree



40 thoughts on “Song Of Understanding

  1. Your words and the pictures, quite nicely tell a beautiful story. This touched me deeply my friend.. re-blogging this post for you.. Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~

  2. Reblogged this on Is it really that easy? and commented:
    My dear friends, please take a look at this fellow bloggers post, it is quite beautiful and I’m certain you’ll be glad you did.. Thanking you all kindly and have a wonderful Sunday.. hugs from Laura ~

  3. I adore the colors here! And that poem is just adorable. I’ve often wondered what they are saying. 🙂 I’m still bowled over by the last image and the glorious light!!

  4. wooo! Uncle Tree this simply touch my heart, tender loving and truly describe the wildlife singing everyday in the trees. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day, my friend.

  5. Thank you for liking “Illiteracy in America Infographic” and “NHPI Logo Update.” Wonderful poem! Yes, there is great sorrow when loved ones are separated, but great happiness returns when they are reunited. 🙂

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