A Soul Full Of Diamonds


From atom to molecule,

I have always been there for you.

From cellular distractions to complex organisms,

I have kept you right by my side.

From plants to ferns to trees,

I have watched you ever evolve.

From petrifying flesh to blackest coal,

I have secured your safe arrival.


As Mother Earth quaked in birth,

and the Lord of Thunder roared,

I softly spoke my one command,

and the Holy Spirit obliged.

Gracefully releasing

the magic of Creation,

we imagined you into existence.

O’ precious imperishable!

Here and now, you stand before us,

with a soul full of diamonds

and a pure heart of gold.

“Welcome home!”


Uncle Tree


30 thoughts on “A Soul Full Of Diamonds

  1. Hi Keith. Just opened up my reader after being busy for months to be greated by your beautiful poem and photo. Thanks for helping uplift our hearts.

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  3. Thank you for liking my four recent posts. Great poem! I liked the way you traced the diamonds’ origins from their initial structure to their wonderful final state. The creation of diamonds and other wonders of nature is indeed a magical and awesome process. 🙂

  4. Hints of romanticism?
    Love this post and your poetry over all.
    Your expression is something i only hope to achieve.
    Hope in time I can receive a follow from a lovely writer such as yourself (:

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