Trees Blow Like Wind Grows

trees blow as wind grows

Happenstance and meaningful coincidence brought us together

In synch, we shall rise above our current circumstances

The gods provide the spark 

It is you and I 

who decide to fan the flames

regardless of which way the wind blows

Uncle Tree



25 thoughts on “Trees Blow Like Wind Grows

  1. Beautiful words and meaning UT ~ nothing quite like life to bring us together, but as you say “It is you and I who decide to fan the flames”

  2. Thank you so much, Randall! Yes, flames are all the rage,
    but it’s always the wood that gets burnt. 😉 Aye!
    The sacrifices we make for you people.
    LIFE brings you together, but your beliefs keep you apart.

    What once sucked, now blows! You know how it goes.
    A rose is a rose. Yer darn tootin’! UT

  3. The Lord Shiva went to the cremation grounds and covered himself with the ashes of the dead. Under a tree he lost himself as flames were subsumed.

  4. Well, Ed, we gotta leaf it to Lord Shiva!
    He knew how to get at the root of It-All,
    before catching fire, and blowing us away.

    ‘Til Kingdom Come we go. I’m ashy enough as is. 😉 Cheerz, bruv!

  5. So stunning… I love your poem. It makes me think that we are not as free as we could think… Fate and Destiny are probably stronger than we could have ever expected…
    Love and best wishes, dear UT. Aquileana 😀

  6. Uncle Tree – I know tomorrow is your birthday … didn’t have to look back, because it is a day between two dates forever ingrained in my memory (the passing of my grandmother, 01/29/86, and my mom, 01/31/10) … I’ll send a birthday wish to you, a nice quote, and, last year you spoke of adding another ring … that 60th ring to your life. That last ring/year has been brutal … I hope this year is kinder to you Keith. Here is your quote and stay warm during this brutal polar vortex. -Linda
    … “Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky. ” -― Kahlil Gibran

  7. Thank you for the birthday wishes, Linda! 🙂

    I took the day off, but had to get out for a pre-scheduled doctor appt. It is nasty cold here, although it’s not as bad as where you reside. Good golly!

    The most famous tree quote ever — never gets old. Thanks again!

    Stay safe and warm, my friend. Peace and luvz, Keith

  8. You’re so welcome Keith – I was hoping you’d check your blog and find my greeting and yes, it is the best tree quote ever. This cold is horrid and I don’t remember weather like this before. All the schools, including colleges/universities, are closed, the State government agencies are also shuttered yesterday/today and likely tomorrow, and no mail delivery today. It was -6 and a real feel of -34 when I went out to run the car. Yikes! Take care and stay safe and warm yourself Keith and best wishes on your birthday. – Linda

  9. Thanks again, Linda! 🙂 Hell froze over, so we’re looking for some place else to go for dinner.

    It’s finally up to 1 degree, but I’m feeling 25 below 86. 😉 Brrr…

  10. You’re welcome Keith. I heard some restaurants were closing here as they expected to have no customers and pizza delivery places are refusing to deliver as people will complain their pizza is cold! What’s a birthday boy to do? 🙂

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