Lonely Enough For Two

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It was one of those days where everywhere one looks, one sees twos. Everyone but me had someone else, or so it seemed. Embarrassment is tiring, and I didn’t feel like feeling it on that particular afternoon, when busy-ness was running rampant along the sidewalk, as per usual. So, I did what I’ve done before: bought two coffees and paced the floor. Anxiously disgruntled, it must have been obvious to any and all onlookers — here was a man awaiting his date. Impatience ain’t so hard to feign. You know? I sat back down and stared at my phone. Finishing off the last dregs of the first cup, I slid it away and grabbed the second, shaking my head in a miserable fashion. Two cups after lunch is the norm for me anyway. Ha! I knew I had them fooled. But little did I know what was to happen next. She came through the door alone, looking tired and worn-out. I pretended not to see her, and continued to fidget with my cell in a nonchalant manner. Slowly, she walked up to the counter and placed her order. A short conversation ensued, then she turned and glanced at me, as she made her way to a table at the other end of the shop. Shortly thereafter, the waitress brought her two cups of coffee…

Uncle Tree



16 thoughts on “Lonely Enough For Two

  1. I know just how you feel. I don’t have any friends (out-lived most of em, the others vanished) No family who want to know me anymore now I’m old. When I go out for a meal I have a table for two and sit there on my own, watching the families with kids having a great time and couples laughing and joking over their meals. I often wonder what they must be thinking about the old man sitting on his own; me! On fathers day I bought two cards for me, and put it on my lonely table to give the impression that someone cared.

  2. Hello my friend… Today i was thinking on you… Where is your tree’s house?
    Solidão é um parceiro que você sem saber cultiva… As vezes a vida toda…. Eu sei bem sobre solitude…

  3. Aside from the fact that you are sad, this is a nicely constructed small story portraying what a lot of people feel at least some of the time. I’m alone a lot too but my easiest fixes for loneliness is to take a dog on a walk with me or borrow a friend’s small child for a trip to the donut shop. Get all kinds of interaction with those. Just sayin’…

  4. I wanted the story to continue. I have had coffee/tea by myself, went to a restaurant by myself – I usually take a book or something to read to distract myself from looking at the couples and feeling lonely.

  5. Thanks UT…as a lifetime introvert with iffy social skills…what I experience, in a different mood…is a grudging contentment in being alone…but the extroverts make the rules. As always, your posts are beloved. You’re sure not alone in your world of admirers.

  6. Great little story. Sitting alone at a restaurant we have all felt alone at one time or another. On the other hand there is a difference between solitude and being lonely. Whenever I have felt lonely i realize that it is because I am not comfortable with myself and that I am too busy looking around to see how others perceive me. Living alone, I turn that energy into power. Work on something significant, creative and meaningful. Solitude can be a rich experience. Best regards.

  7. I enjoyed the way you told the story, now whether it actually happened or not isn’t exactly the focus. The way you told it though was magnificent, capturing that feeling of loneliness and trying not to show it. We all can sympathize in our own way. Though everyone is different and we react to certain similar situations in a completely different way than the person before or after us. I’m apologetic if you are sad, but dark days do make the bright ones much more prominent.

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