Love Above The Curve

love above the curve

I want to hold you through your everything, my love
Through thick and thin and highs and lows
through everything the wind brings in and knows
it won’t be overmuch for us to overcome, by Jove

Never more than we can handle
‘Tis according to the Lord
Zealous passions, oh, they dangle
ever since you got my gourd

That the course is never-ending
is a given we shall learn
Never breaking ~ ever bending
is this love above the curve

3d flower

Uncle Tree ©


34 thoughts on “Love Above The Curve

  1. I love you dearly, Willow Queen! ❤ Your inspiration can be seen
    in every word that I do gleam from the love that lives between us.
    You happy up my holidays with adoration and I praise the Lord continues
    to bless us in the highest possible ways that He holds in His power.

    I thank you truly and deeply, my darling! 🙂 For all you do for me
    exceeds my greatest expectations for what true love can be,
    and is exceedingly greater than any dreamer ever dreamed.

  2. Superb Friend ,i am happy i see You back ,now i need to disappear , every day is harder to me ,Bless You Bro ,i am happy that you find happiness ,Be Blessed

  3. What an amazing shape a gourd can be, Uncle Tree.

    May all the blessings of Heaven’s Joy be crystallised in falling light and melt in the warm glow of Heaven rising in our hearts, this very special holiday time.

    Yay I say, blessings!

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