A Lotus Flora Lot Of Us


The icing on the cake is you!

Get too close and you may end up on your nose.



O’ Bud Of Beauty

The Keeper Of The Cake 

Time Capsule Extraordinaire!

get a load of us and ahead of us

for a lot of us wanna lotus 

without all the fuss

yellowy knot

here we


Uncle Tree

(lotus photos from Wiki Commons)


36 thoughts on “A Lotus Flora Lot Of Us

  1. I’m going to bed now, and will lie there awhile thinking about here we come with self-frosted noses. What a pleasure to read your poems.

  2. Dear Keith, Have missed your presence online these last few weeks. Your posts always brighten my day and bring a smile. I hope that all is well with you. I posted yesterday about a very unusual and distinctive tree in W’burg, and it made me think of you. Best wishes, WG

  3. Yes, extremely busy- on all fronts. I am finally finding bit of time to go back and check with blogging friends I haven’t encountered for a while. I neglected everyone for a couple of weeks while I’ve been involved in community events and gardening here. Happy to know you’re doing OK. Hugs, WG

  4. It has been a lot of fun. Take a look at kpartandale.wordpress.com to see what is happening in our “neck of the woods.” Never bored around here- as I suspect you never allow boredom wherever you happen to be, either. Best wishes, WG

  5. Looks like hearty fun, and reminds me of the Ozarks
    in Missouri, where I’m from (Sedalia, close enough).
    Take care now! Hugz backatcha! Keith

  6. Speaking of the icing on the cake Oh, how sweet it is to see you
    back on Earth, where the Lotus blooms for miles of smiles,
    and no other reason. Glad you liked, Caro. 🙂 Thank you kindly!

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