Once Again For Her


She loves me like no other,

never thought I’d feel this way.

She sees me as her lover,

 I have seen the light of day.


Nothing she can do to ever turn my heart away.

Messages comes through that tell me this is where I’ll stay.

In her arms I find myself not knowing what to say,

‘cuz in her eyes I see how she breathes life into the clay.


She loves me like no other,

never thought I’d feel this way.

I’ll always be her lover.

Here together! Come what may –


Everything she does for me, I feel it deep inside.

My soul lies bare, she sees it all – no where to run and hide.

The longing I once had is gone – my sorrows took a ride.

She parts the clouds – the sun comes out – I’ll take her for my bride!


She loves me like no other,

never thought I’d feel this way.

From now until forever,

in my heart – she’ll always stay!



3 thoughts on “Once Again For Her

  1. Isn’t that wonderful. I’m very happy for you, Keith. xoxo


    That happiness and love shall never cease to increase
    is a wonder-filled thought, dear Gayle. I wish you That.

  2. Dear Caro,

    I did not take her as my bride. The poet in me made it sound good.
    That’s his job. The real me did an about face last January,
    and ended the on-and-off relationship once and for all.

    Twice divorced, I was not then, and am not now out looking for #3.
    If it is written in the stars, the third would have to fit me to a T.
    Like I said, I am free; free to flirt; free to write; free to play Uncle Tree.

    Thank you for caring, my dear lady friend! ❤ Hugz, Keith

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