A Celestial Arousal


O’ celestial delight!

O’ bright and lovely morning star!

Thou hast hastened my arousal,

and called to me from thy heavenly abode.

Thou doth sooth and comfort me with thy assured rising.

My own inner workings follow thee inadvertently.

Thou hath taken hold of the reins, as ye play the strings my heart.

O’ Venus! Holy poetry! Don’t you ever retrace your steps?

It is Saturn’s Day, by Jove! My only day off.

What do you want from me now?

Nature calls, and groggily do I crawl out of my cozy bed. As if, I were yet in the midst of a midsummer’s dream, I begin to make my way through the darkness, groping for walls and traversing through the recently rearranged furniture. As fate would have it, I caught a whiff of the brewing coffee’s aroma, set to be ready earlier than most folks. Thus did I follow my nose, making headway towards the kitchen.

Ah! What a way to awaken! I steadily poured the muddied waters into my favorite stained glass mug. Sipping and tasting the formula for potency, I quietly slid out and onto the back porch. And there She was — the goddess of my love, showing up fashionably late to this early morning’s planetary parade, beaming charismatic radiance to her favorite pupil, who stood looking up under partially perched eyelids.

Formally dressed in red, Mars marched on ahead. This year he is not primed for war. He has not taken a point of opposition to the star of the show, but rather leads our beauty Queen all the way up to the zenith, where Jupiter now reigns, as King.

All was hushed in my backyard. The winged creatures had yet to begin exercising their chirps. I heard not a peep. But, just then, two cats nearby began humming felinely and harmoniously in an attempt to make friends. I came out of this daze with a smile on my face, and made my way inside to fetch a second cup. Not quite satisfied, nor ready for multitasking, I went back outside.

O’ sweet soul sister!

O’ diamond bodied magnificat!

Thy charismatic approach

displays a radiance beyond compare.

As thou riseth above the treetops,

thy gleam mystifies lengthily,

and thy reach extends throughout

the ethereal wastelands

betwixt us.

If only I had more time to linger; a few more seconds to space off in wonderment; a couple more moments to tarry, enthralled in this glossy-eyed gaze. But alas, the caffeine had heeded its call to the duty of constriction and was thoroughly pressuring my old conscious self to emerge back into its daily routine; back into everything regular, normal, and mundane, which we hesitantly call reality. And, as the Helios in all His glory verily began to rise, my dreamy thoughts and my beloved, slowly faded away into light blue skies…

Dedicated to Kirstie Watson (my jovial and creative daughter)



55 thoughts on “A Celestial Arousal

  1. Sorry uncle…I got to the word coffee and realized we once again were on the same page but you had words on yours…grrrrr.

  2. Verily I say unto thee, walking man,
    my antiquated mug was distributed in the King James version only.

  3. It is a text beautifully written, I like the sound of the words, how you construct the sentence
    in that special way. I think is related to old english kind of writting, the way they used
    to write when shakespeare was alive.
    I have to confess that this text to me was very hard to understand, htere aer many words in it that I do not know what they mean, some I searched in the dictionary, and some I infered its meaning.
    It is a very complete but yet a simple poem, all it talks about is having morning coffe, and the things that surrounds this morning ritual.
    And all that happens seems to be due to the planets, specially mars and jupiter influence.
    I love you uncle

  4. Hello, Mariana!
    Like I said to TWM, this is Bible-speak. It’s what I grew up with.
    Why on earth it came to me in that old language, I don’t know.
    It’s like Carl Jung when he wrote as Philemon. I was possessed.

    Poets are known to take the ordinary and make it sound very special.
    I’m not saying it worked for me here. I assigned myself to try it out
    as an exercise in mixing folk tales, superstitions, and fuzzy notions with
    my day to day existence. Besides that, Venus had been tempting,
    prodding, and goading me on every morning that we’ve had clear skies.
    Maybe she’ll leave me alone now that I have exorcised my demons.

    I’m not ashamed to say, I use the dictionary a lot. Luvz and hugz to you!

  5. Good morning, Cindy!
    A few people, including yourself, have written lately about
    coffee/no coffee, mug vs. cup, sugar or cream, and yes, tea.
    It’s must be a meme that planted this theme amongst us this month.

    Thought I’d give it a try. I’m glad I made you think. Thank you kindly!

  6. ahhh, it was sort of strange warping in to your tree house and seeing the same decor as mine..LOL…greetings Uncle Tree—and thanks for capturing and sharing your morning bliss–yeah, I’m listening to the birds awakening–lucky for them no cats at all—and waiting for the geese to make their morning fly by. Geese are so scewed up by all the construction smack dab in the middle of their roosting places..I feel for them–like who needs more apts? Not me.
    Anyway I lift my coffee in a toast to you this saturday…shanti

  7. Welcome, Eva, and a happy Saturday to you, too!
    Nice to meet you. I’ve seen you in the neighborhood, and you
    seem very sharp and perceptive in your comments. It’s a pleasure
    to have you here. Thank you for the toast. It’s scrumptious!

    I checked out your site. The background is very similar, huh?
    Eerie as this may be, I was born and raised in Missouri, southeast
    of K.C. about 90 miles away, in a little town called Sedalia.

    You’re not so far from me now, either. I’m about 250 miles north
    of there. So I’ll be over to your place in like two seconds. Hold on.

  8. I believe she’s captured me, Sir Brad.
    I’m glad you liked it. Thanks for coming here and spilling your beans.

    You can always find me2 at the back of the parade.
    Night mares leave an awful mess sometimes, I’m afraid.

    I think I’ll name my coffee beholder
    “The Bastion Of Bombast”. Whudduhyathink?

  9. Thanks for saying that, Katie!
    One can’t be serious all the time. Although,
    I am seriously attempting to crack a joke here and there.

  10. 250 miles north, huh, wouldn’t that put you in Iowa–well if it’s due north..
    Ha. Sedalia–only been there once–or through there is more accurate.
    Yep, each time I come to your site –it messes with my mind. LOL, in a good way though.
    Sorry it took me so long to reply. My ‘comments’ seems to have a mind of its own as to when it wishes to share ‘my comments’ with moi. weird. Ha.
    Nice of you to visit my green trees. Glad you enjoyed the dancing. shanti

  11. Okay, northwest. Lincoln, Nebraska. Go Big Red!
    If you went through Sedalia, you were probably on your way to Lake O.

    Glad you feel at home here. It’s easy to see why.
    I do need to dust, though. Excuse the mess.
    Gonna shoot that darn breeze. It’s hot, too!

    No sorry necessary. People do lead lives. I know. Me, too.

  12. uncle, this is one of my faouvrite from you… from start till end.
    i want to write in this language for long time, i have couple of things in mind, but i do not really know how to use it that way. now, that i read you word, i give up. not that i do not want, i want it more, but, i will not make it as good.
    seriously ((:-)) superb work. great reading.
    i have to say it one more time. i love it.

  13. Good to see you again D!
    It feels good to know that you enjoyed the whole piece enough
    to call it a favorite AND, I am very happy to learn that you linked
    me up by highlighting the title on your latest post. Yessiree,
    thank you a ton! This one was all for fun. Just for the hell of it.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “this language”. Old English?
    High-fallootin’, over-the-top, exaggerated psalm-style poesy?
    You can do that in German I bet. Why not give it a try? Then
    you can always translate it for us, and we’ll halfway understand.
    The idea you’re trying to get across is the important half anyway.

    For me, on this one, the idea was “Sound like a poet for a change.”
    And that’s how it came out. It was wee early in the morning, and
    then comes a second thought, “Do something astronomical in scope.”
    All I had to do was look up in the night sky, and there she was!

  14. Thank you, M’Lady!
    You know me, I thought it might sound corny.
    It’s a bit over-popped. But you just buttered me up! 😉

  15. uncle, it is MY pleasure, hope it will bring you ton readers (though, i doubt it)

    ‘This one was all for fun. Just for the hell of it.’ – and the rest? you don’t really mean you them for something else do you? if something i would do it for the heaven of it….

    ‘this language”. Old English? … exaggerated psalm-style poesy? – excatly, i have some stuff that will work better with that. but i cannot, never really read anything in that langauge, don’t know half of the proper use and words ot it. maybe one day

    ‘You can do that in German I bet’ – better not 🙂 way lower then my english, surely old german… nicht mich, .

    ‘“Sound like a poet for a change.’ the only poet i read like that found in one green book i have, and those who write like that all died somewhere before the french revolution…

    ‘All I had to do was look up in the night sky, and there she was!’ – YES!!!

  16. Uncle tree, I like the tongue-in-cheek feel to the first poem, combined with the archaic phrasing the ending caught me off guard a little (in a good way). Very nicely done with the subtle humour. Enjoyed the coffeetime thoughts too. 🙂

  17. Welcome to my abode, Matt. Thanks for stopping by!
    I thought the archaic phrasing might be a bit much,
    so I’m glad you were receptive to that untypical style.
    The ending came as a surprise? Hmmm…puzzling.

  18. Well, in the sense of a good punchline ending. Hope that clears up the puzzle. And to be honest, I’m not big on archaic phrasing so it also came as a bit of a relief. There you go, real, honest feedback as I live and breathe.

  19. Thank you for honestly clearing that up, Matt.
    As I said to Mariana in comment #5, this was an attempt, a risk,
    a shot in the dark. I am not averse to constructive criticism.
    I’d never really written anything using an out-dated language.
    I doubt if I’ll try it again, but I will continue to experiment.

    In defense of my ending lines, I was coming back to reality.
    That seemed to call for a literal interpretation of the scene as it was.
    The planets and stars disappear before the glory of the rising sun.
    It is anti-climactic. There is no show of fireworks. There is only
    the slow changing of the color guard, but that’s another story.

  20. UT, I think it worked pretty well. I’ve done a few poems in a similar style before now, and mine ended up being a bit too earnest a read. I wish I’d had the foresight to mix them up a little and inject “something” of the contemporary in the way you did. I liked the “O’ Venus…it’s Saturday for God’s sake!” I think that’s a neat twist that lifts the whole piece.

  21. Hey, Matt! I really do appreciate your thoughts,
    and the fact that you didn’t leave me hanging out on a limb.
    By injecting that line I thought it wood be apparent that
    my intent was a lighthearted one. I’m glad to hear that
    you caught that.

    I haven’t seen anyone at wordpress or blogspot write poetry
    using the old style. I am very, very leery of unconsciously
    imitating any other author, although I might have been mimicking
    King David, or some of the other author in the book of Psalms.

    Now that you’ve said you’ve written similar type poems, I’d really
    like to read them! Could you please point them out for me by
    either leaving a couple of links here, or dropping me an e-mail?
    Your work is very good so I might end up being jealous, but it
    wouldn’t be the first time, and I am learning to deal with it.

    Thanks again for being friendly, and willing to talk to strangers.

  22. UT, well they weren’t in the style of King David, but they were a sort of mock Olde English. I cringe at the thought of them now. Not because there’s anything wrong with archaic language, but more in so far as I wasn’t really skilled enough to pull off the style without it reading pretentious or cryptic. Of course at the time I thought they worked, now they only make partial sense to me. I think they helped my writing though for they made me come to the conclusion that clarity is everything which is what I try to do in my amateur way now. I’ll find them out for you.

  23. Thank you, Matt! I look forward to seeing them.

    Clarity is a priority on most of mine, too.
    Aesthetics makes me leave some room between the lines
    when I attempt to write something that sounds a bit more artistic,
    like I did this morning after being aroused by the night skies once again.

  24. Uncle Tree,

    Whatever’s in your coffee, you should patent it. Fabulous post; witty, obscure and celestial.
    I also like the juxtaposition (Wow!) of prose and poetry.


  25. Thank you! What a sweet compliment. Wowser!
    It was kind and courageous of you to speak up and tell me that.

    Sometimes, in order to discover new ways of doing things,
    we must be brave enough to go out on a whim. Or is that limb? 🙂 UT

  26. …and Brad, how was it that you happened to be looking
    into the past just at that time? Weird, bro. Weird! Anyway, tiz
    good to see your smiling (and long-standing) silhouette again!

    Peace, dude. 🙂

  27. Beautiful, happenings of a peaceful morning with coffee and the beautiful moon. I could see the sunrise amongst everything in detail you described. Love it!! Beautiful Work Keith!!! 😄

  28. Thank you kindly, Alisha! 🙂 Uncle Tree is a morning person. Yes!
    When Venus is on fire and low in the horizon, the old sap stirs a tad,
    and it makes UT wonder if he’ll ever meet a goddess he wood worship
    for dear life and forever and a day. Lordy be. Either way, I AM okay.

  29. You are so very welcome!! For you, it will happen. When you least expect, You will look into the horizon, and there she’ll be. I surely understand you, when you say, either way, you will be okay. That’s because no matter what state we find ourselves in, we will be content. This I hope, that your goddess, like the moon will appear, one day soon. Blessings 😄

  30. Oh, my I apologize, Keith, Forgive my quick response. I’m looking back over my response. I think it better to hope and employ faith. These together are a mighty combination. 😄

  31. We all have second thoughts, Alisha. Nothing to forgive.
    If love is the greatest of the three, as Paul believes, then for Uncle Tree,
    I wood say, I love to wonder, which is as near to form as worship for me.
    Have a great Friday! 🙂 Luvz and hugz, Keith

  32. Okay, I really appreciate it. I like to try to make sure I don’t offend. Because It’s never ever my intention. Also, you have made me see that wondering and worship go hand in hand expressively. I will have a Great Friday!!! To You I Wish A Great Day Also, and Many Blessings To Cover Thee Uncle Tree!! Lol 😄 Big Hug Of Love 😄

  33. Adore and revere sound better to me than worship, Alisha.
    Complete surrender is an enigma to me. My ego will not allow it.
    Equanimity is also an important concept, but difficult to emulate.

    I pray I never offend either. Have a great weekend, my friend! 🙂

  34. I’m so glad you liked this one, Caro. 🙂 I thank you from the bottom of my
    cup, which spilleth o’er with your love and affection for Uncle Tree and me.
    Yes, do, please, desire to be my beloved, as I desire to be yours truly,

    Sir Willow ❤ Luvz and hugz and kissies to my Caro Queen Willow!

  35. When someone you haven’t seen, a lover you haven’t touched for 10,000 years, finally reappears in your life, you will know it in the way they love and hold and kiss your face and deepest being.

  36. Well… 😉 Good to see you again, my friend!
    Thank you for taking me back to that time.
    I haven’t read this for years. It’s pretty good methinks! LoL

    Cheerz! Uncle Tree

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