Mïndš ßεñt ön SpÅçΣ

Milky Way

ÂstrÖnÖmÝ ≈ àÐösE ðf Rεα£it¥ Ïn Mïndš ßεñt ön SpÅçΣ

ÞΣΣriπg ÎnTo ŠhαlloWs dΣΣþΣns
The £eπgTh§ t♁ Whi€h wε Wîll g♁





20 thoughts on “Mïndš ßεñt ön SpÅçΣ

  1. also der Rabe sprach, der weise alte Vogel. Have a Mars bar and square it with Pluto!

    One can but singularity. The kaws of it rising from deep throat!

    Luvz 🙂

  2. You can tell where my mind’s been
    ßεñt ön SpÅçΣ ╬ Right down the middle.

    Glad you liked this one, Randall.
    🙂 Thank you very much! Cheerz, UT!

  3. Thank you kindly, dear goddess! 🙂 Good to know, and good to be, and feel, understood.
    Good to confuse, and fun to entertain the few with ears to hear the good news with eyes that vibrate in the language of tongues.
    Peace and luvz, Meister T

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