In Harmony ♪ She Rolls

Amy Rose 3

Spirit forms in the mist
tumbling and rolling and splashing
in fashion

Amy Rose 4

gushing while blushing
rushing madly over the rough spots
waywardly maneuvering Her force-filled will

Amy rose 2

chasing mirrored reflections
passed present and future moments
cascading drops of life ~ flow as one wetness

Amy Rose

touching all — despising none
perfectly tranquil in Her going forth
She smooths the world with blissfulness

Amy's Rose

~ soothing all who eye Her beauty ~

(gracing hearts too soft to see)

amyrose 2

Peace, luvz, and hugz! Uncle Tree

A special “Thanks!” to Amy for sharing her photography!

Uncle Tree's House


130 thoughts on “In Harmony ♪ She Rolls

  1. Today is crazy Keith,in poland almos 40 Celsius on sky and earth too, hard to breathe , only couple of days and i will be back for good on WP 😉 i create music room ,very cheap for relaxing , i have many stress in life so i must create something like that ,a gift friend

  2. Well, then, Em, these rushing waters be the perfect antidote.
    I’m no stranger to The Doors. We are Riders On The Storms.
    Take care, be good, and stay cool ~ in harmony, my friend! 🙂

  3. OH Keith !!!! I am speechless. In tears. Moved beyond word. How you put word to vision is a glorious Gift to behold! I am so grateful to you, for giving justice to the Gifts Mother gives me. What a surprise indeed you have given to me! Bless you, Uncle Tree, for the honor towards me and for giving Mother such glorious words. I shall be reading this over and over again. You really touched me deeply this day. (((HUGS))) Amy

  4. YEAH!!! She likes it! 🙂 The effort well-justified.

    It’s an honor to have your art gracing the place like wallflowers,
    with drenching showers plummeting down and freshening up the whole.

    I’m glad I wasn’t shy about asking you to share with us.
    I truly appreciate your faith and trust in Uncle Tree and me.
    Have a super-fine day! ❤ Luvz and hugz, Keith

  5. I’m so excited!!! Two of my favorite people come together in such beautifully stunning art…photos and prose….WOW!
    Keith, I’d say this is the magic I was talking about…you will receive more because of what you gave to us 🙂

    Your lines, “chasing mirrored reflections
    Passed present and future moments” are super…it’s all super!! Thank you for this beauty ….I feel so touched by you both!!!
    Blessitude ❤

  6. That is a super-fine compliment, Lorrie! 🙂 So glad you like
    our magical collaboration of color, thoughts, and luvz. ❤
    Thanks for letting us know how you felt, and how you feel,
    and which line pulled you into the waters. 😉 Cheerz, Keith

  7. My faith in Uncle Tree and you is Absolute. No questions. No doubt. I carry you in my Heart and think upon this Gift you have given many, as I ride my bike this day. Luvz and hugz, Amy

  8. I did not plan, nor did I see, but today, I have begun my street photography. “A Day in the Park”. The highlight will be, a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. And a few other surprises. It was as though God saw where I was heading, and lined these goodies up just for me. When you see the post, keep in mind, what I do say now. Just wow! LOL xx sis

  9. Disappointment is tandamount. Some photos blurred due to my nervousness? Don’t know. Yet, because I told the 50th wedding anniversary couple I would be posting tomorrow, I am! A promise is a promise. Yep, moving on, yet needs much to learn. I like my flowers. (smile) BUT!!! I really enjoyed myself today interacting with so many different peeps. Kewl! Movin’ on, bro of mine! (((HUGS))) xx

  10. Thank you kindly, Jan! 🙂 So glad you liked this.
    The rather abrupt change in scenery worked out well?
    Good! Then, I also thank you for confirming my speculation.
    Amy’s famous for her flower pics, and my soul felt compelled
    to somehow figure in this especially pink rose, which
    represents her joyful countenance perfectly.

  11. Oh my goodness, such peace…Water/Nature is such a joy to behold. I really enjoyed this masterpiece Keith. Also, Beautiful photographs!!! They compliment your work well. 😄

  12. 🙂 Yeah! I’m so glad you liked our collaboration, Alisha!
    I though my place could use a little prettying up. He-he.
    Thank you for the wonderful compliment! Take care. ❤ Hugz, Keith

  13. I almost missed this one! What beautiful cascades and perfect roses. I love it when you say:

    “…chasing mirrored reflections
    passed present and future moments
    cascading drops of life ~ flow as one wetness”

    It reminds me of the notion of the “ego” or “self” in Buddhism. It doesn’t exist! It’s like water from a cascade running constantly, never the same, past and future moments….

  14. Yes! 🙂 You get the idea, Maria. The river remains the river,
    while its constituents are forever changing right before our eyes.

    Happy are we to know you liked this. Thank you kindly, dear lady!

  15. These waterfall photos are tremendous, and I loved the verse, as well. Was especially touched by the last lines: soothing all who eye her beauty, gracing hearts too soft to see. Lovely!!

  16. Thank you so much, Amy! 🙂 So glad you liked this wet one!
    The last line came late, but I thought it fit the theme well,
    so I added it in with a rose. The bit of mystic in me…

  17. Uncle Tree, I come back to thee, reading verse, meditating to see the grand scheme behind the words. How all is ONE and Spirit is Divinity Divine Femine in all Her Glory. She tumbles and she rumbles ever turning, yet remaining in the Eternal, ever unchanging, yet expanding. Your words stir deeply in my being, reminding me we are Eternal, flowing in Pure Wetness, Water, Sacred, Life. The Cycle of Life is in the NOW, past, present, future all entwined. How you get me to think, feel, speak. Bless you, bro. This post stirs me deeply, oh so deeply. The Waters rumble within, gushing forth for all to know. I’m shaking …..

  18. Dear Amy, thank you for the reassurance. I needed it — right now.
    Robin Williams committed suicide today, and I beside myself.
    Many tears for the funny guy, my favorite comedian since
    Jerry Lewis. Funny guys aren’t supposed to do that. Damn it!

    After he meets Jesus, he’s gonna have a crowd of angels
    around him laughing their asses off. I can see it now. Holy smokes! ❤

  19. OMG, Keith! Noooooooooo! He is one of MY favorite funny guys! I did not know! I’ve been crying ALL day long today just feelins SO sad, and now I know why! I am crying. Shaking. In shock. Not Robin Williams! He made SO many people laugh, and you are right, darn it! He is gonna meet the Angels, and he and Jesus are gonna hang out cracking jokes. This is just too much to take in. I think I have every single movie he starred in. Keith, I LOVED that man. All I had to do was see his face and mine would immediately smile. Oh Lord, what is this world gonna do with Robin in it? It’s a plus for Heaven! Here? It’s been SO heavy lately and now this …. Sending you HUGE ((HUSGS))), wet ones at that. I just can’t belive this ….. And here I wrote today a post having to do with the Cycle of Life. NEW LIFE. So what seems like death is not. It is just Fate’s Ground in which New Life does crown!

  20. August 11, 2001, was one of the most memorable days of my life.
    I’ll never forget what happened that night. I sorta celebrate
    and take it all back in; regarding the Perseid’s annual meteor shower.

    Now, along with that memory, I’ll have my tag-a-long comedian
    keeping me from taking myself too seriously. Not now,
    but you can check out what I mean by reading this sometime:

    Your previous comment — so enduring — is exactly what
    we need to remember right now. Keep the faith, sis. Hugz! 🙂

  21. I read it quickly tonight, Keith, but I want to again tomorrow when I have more time and am refreshed. Am pooped from all the crying. I know how much this post means to you and I promise to not let you down. I shall read it properly. xx sis

  22. Wow! This is beautiful! Being a nature person myself, I love poems about nature 🙂 The photography is amazing as well!

  23. Amy and I thank you, Seonaid! 🙂 These pics swept me away, too.
    But I did hold my ground until Momma Nature spilled her beans.
    Then I gave in, and only these words were left behind.

  24. All of your images are amazing! Creative presentations, wonderfully thoughtful and eye-catching perspectives…simply BEAUTIFUL!!! A feast for the eyes and senses! Love & Blessings – liz

  25. The poetry is such an amazing compliment–my senses went on overload going through your postings–I am going to come back and visit later to savor and enjoy! Thank you, love, peace and blessings to you, liz

  26. Feel free to drop by anytime, Amalia. For drop by drop
    the pleasure must and will increase, as the waters wash on by.
    Thank you, goddess lady! 🙂 I pray your weekend rocks ~ Peace, UT

  27. As always, you’re smoothing the world with blissfulness. My morning is better for the visit.

  28. I would have left too, as did Robin, knowing what was ahead of him. It is too much to bear, the inability to move at will, think at his normal speed, work hard and function. It is a disease with no mercy. At least he chose his own …….. and I’m sure the Cosmic Consciousness welcomed him back into the Ocean with a sigh and a chuckle.

  29. Yes, that’s right. Even The Queen, when complimented,
    can rarely keep herself from flushing rosy pink in public. 🙂

    Glad you liked this! Amy and I thank you deeply! Well is good.

  30. Incredible poem (and inspiration with the photos), make an incredible post ~ this is a brilliant collaboration. The line “touching all — despising none” is how one should feel. Cheers.

  31. That is high praise and a fine compliment, Randall.
    Amy and I are are delighted to know you enjoyed it. 🙂

    From the trickle at the top to the bottom non-stop drops,
    we thank you earnestly, and hope your day flows gladly!

  32. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit, Gwen. Nice to meet you,
    and thanks for leaving a note for me, before you left for home. 😉

    You’re always welcome here. Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

  33. Your Voice is beautiful, Uncle Tree 🙂 New to the blog world so please forgive any etiquette faux pas in responding/following/liking, etc. Looking forward to exploring your work further…

  34. The talented Amy LadyP and Sir Woody Willow Tree thank thee, Caro!
    Always good to see you here, dear poetess. 🙂 I like live muses.

    “The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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