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Extraordinary Connections with Cheryl Ann

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Have you ever sought answers that were out of this world?

Have you ever received such stunning information that it made you

gasp for air? Was it any wonder that it came from out of the blue?


In Cheryl Ann we have a person with uncanny abilities. The way she goes about her business is extraordinary. Her rituals allow her to go into a state of being where she becomes ultimately receptive to sights, thoughts, sounds and sensations which are beyond the reach of what we define as normal human perception. Her gifts surpass understanding. Her talents supersede logical thought! What she brings to the table are her astonishing capabilities and a feeling for fantastic clues that clearly seem to reside behind the illusory fabric of reality. Dedication to the after-life comes naturally to Cheryl Ann.

She’d be more than glad to assist you in your quest

for the truth, and in your search for

the knowledge that only a true spiritual medium can deliver.


Keith Alan Watson

A Giant Fairy Tale

Posted in short stories with tags , , , , on April 11, 2010 by Uncle Tree

The curtain rises. The year is 1025 B.C. The scene takes place mid-morning in a barren narrow valley. On your right, a dry riverbed runs off to the horizon.

Up on the bank to your left, stands a bearded burly giant. He is 40 years old and 9 feet tall. In his right hand, he holds a 7 ft. long spear upright. Hanging from his belt and in its sheath, is a sword, 5 ft. in length. His shield lies on the ground beside him. He wears no armor. Entering from the right, is a shepherd boy of 15 years. He has a fish net in his right hand, and a smallish knife hangs on his belt. He wears a loose-fitting tunic with a pocket on the side. Hanging out of this pocket, we see part of a leather strap. The boy, eying the giant all the way, walks across the riverbed to the edge of the bank, and there he stops.

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