Your Life Comes In Right Here

Your very own story is quite unique in itself,
but when you dare to go beyond —
the mystery of you becomes the magic in me.

♦        ♦        ♦

21 Responses to “Your Life Comes In Right Here”

  1. Lovely!!!! I really enjoyed this one a lot :)

  2. Well, I’m really glad you enjoyed this, Terri! :) Thank you!

  3. ontheplumtree Says:

    Exactly! We enter into the Trans-personal! Beautifully suggested.

  4. :) Thank you, ma’am!

  5. Uncle Tree – this quote goes in the Journal (for sure!)… & the picture is totally TOTALLY BRILLIANT. like.. i saw it this morning & keep coming back to look again.. & again..

    SO DEEP & SO RICH & SO WIDE (kind of like God’s love for us & His Word that sustains us…)

    Hope you have a frame – (!!!)

    grace, peace & Awesome Art
    Virginia : )

  6. This swept my mind, soul and heart away!
    It gave me new meaning in the Tree of Life.
    The branches hold my every thought.
    The words run through my veins…
    There’s new growth in every page turned.
    He is the root of eternal love, and in this
    the seed was planted. ~j~

  7. “Well, I go to the foot of our stairs!” (quaint old Brit saying ;-)

    Jacob’s ladder?

  8. Yes, Virginia! Living in God’s frame of mind, I am. Glad to hear
    you found these three lines so descriptive of the love He has
    for us. I simply GOOGLEd ‘books and trees’ and there this was –
    the quickest decision I’ve ever made as to the choice of an Image.

    Your complimentary words are greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)

  9. :) Thank you for that fine addition to The Story, Cheryl Ann!

  10. You do that, Ed. And “To the bottom of The Garden”, I go.
    I shouldn’t be surprised if I should find you by the wood. Eh?

    One rung, two rungs, three rungs, four!
    If seven, eight, nine, you’ll have to take a leaf to hang 10. ;)

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  12. Thank you, Virginia! :) Lit up and shining be your beacon.

  13. 33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

  14. Not to deny nor renounce the world, but to overcome, yes!
    In spite of myself, my soul over-reaches and makes love.

  15. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Find the details here

  16. If it’s the thought that counts, I thank you for that, Robert!
    Please allow me to graciously decline your fine gesture.
    I do appreciate the fact that you popped over for a look-see.

    Take care, my friend! Gettin’ shady, UT ;)

  17. As my fellow readers said this is quite brilliant… The very essence and aura this piece generates is amazing within itself.. May I reblog? Smiles.. I will now
    Huggerzz ut ! Pw

  18. Reblogged this on Caro's Creative Writings and commented:
    Another favorite of mine from ut!

  19. Hi there, Caro! :) Of course, you may reblog. Smiles
    “Thank you!” <3 This is still one of my favorite lines.

    I will be going beyond — tomorrow, and the magic will come with me.
    If you dare, the mystery of you and me will be continued… ;)

    Until then, loves from afar are coming your way,
    and prayers are going up. Hugz for my pw! UT

  20. Thank you for allowing me to reblog your lovely piece on my meager blog…Uncle Tree’s House is the best blog ever! I am your biggest fan huggss and smooches Caro pw

  21. I prefer such love be nigh., breath to breath we stay .. A kiss for you will be the last for from my heart it comes just for you.. 😉

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