The Spirited Me


If the future is set in stone, and my life is but an old short story,

chiseled into the Rock of Ages;

firmly cemented in the depths of Time,

then who am I that verily trods upon this spinning earth?

Who is that me? Who is it that quickens with each and ev’ry step?

Who is it that gallops along beside the fiery shadow of Death?

Who am I that giveth life to this age-old story?

The story –  like a road as it layeth down before me.

Who am I? Oh, who am I? If you grind away my features?

Who am I that hesitantly gropes for words like long-lost treasures?

Who am I? Oh, who am I to tell a tale not meant for measure,

who animates The Hero as he plays me with such pleasure?

Who? Well, I know who I am! I am He, and He is me.

He is fame, and I’m His glory. We are altogether free.

* * *

As it is written in stone,  He and I shall walk alone.

We will cross the Great Divide

becoming One on our way home!

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24 Responses to “The Spirited Me”

  1. awe….the pages yet to write. Shall I, be the pen that never ends?

  2. :) Sure, Cheryl. You can be my pen, my pal, my hen, and my gal! :)

  3. Perhaps the story is old, my dearest Uncle … but… it IS our own.

    And though we be forever linked to the ones who have already passed this way … it is our path to travel right now …

  4. How right you are! :) No doubt about it.

  5. This really speaks my “language”, UT! I like this spirited you.

    If there’s no end, there’s no beginning… That’s just how it works. :)

    Nice to see another splendid writing from you. xoxo

  6. :) Why, thank ya, Gayle! About The Beginning…just tryin’
    to keep dem dere dang Big Bangers happy. Ya know?
    We Occidentals are a strange bunch. Gotta start somewhere ~

  7. You’re right–we are a strange bunch! :)

  8. This is so you Keith.. You are right.. You are Him and He is you..
    What amazing way to express!!

    Like one gallant song it was worded.. :)
    Loved it a much.. Hugs xx

  9. gallant: Smartly or boldly stylish (I had to look it up to make sure.)
    :) That’s a fine compliment, Olivia. Thank you!

  10. A brilliant piece Keith! Well crafted and definitely one of your best in my opinion. The humbleness and reliance on faith are telling a story throughout and one really doesn’t know much till it comes to the end but then again isn’t that how our lives really go…we really don’t know anything till the end. Great, thought provoking , Poem …Man you would be an awesome story teller…if you could just find a way to end one like you did this poem.(you do know I’m laughing like a taunting devil right now don’t you?) Great work cheerin’ you on!

  11. Thank you, Stuart! Really :) One of my best and brightest, eh?
    Only time will tell how well I like it. I always need to put some
    distance between me and my work before I can read it objectively.


    We spirits of eternity have no need to hurry, but I hear ya, bro.

  12. My dear uncle, excelent poetry, I can really relate to it, one of my favourites sentences of a few years ago was “how am I not myself? Am I not myself?myself?
    I really like the way you write


  13. :) Thank you, Mariana! :)

    Luvz and hugz backatcha!
    (Yes, you! You and your self.)

  14. ontheplumtree Says:

    If I am my Self, is not that Self the same as you and the spirit in One?

  15. :) Yes and No? Part and Parcel? Where Zero trumps Zardos?

  16. You are just talking in circles. Well done.

  17. LoL, Dan! Aren’t we all? And say,
    I see you searched this title and my name.
    I’d love to hear how you found me, if you don’t mind.

    And thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods!
    Peace, UT :)

  18. Haha, Well I saw a glimpse through a little door leading over here and I couldn’t help myself. The door was in the form of a comment on an Alan Watts Love of Wisdom talk on youtube. Continue enjoying the story and the telling. :D

  19. Thanks for that fantastic return to my realm, Dan! :)
    I’m glad I left a door a bit ajar over yonder from whence ye came.
    There is so much stuff on Youtube besides music. Incredible!
    Alan was an old favorite author of mine. As a tripper from years
    gone by, he was one of a few that I could really relate to.

    Do feel welcome to pop back in at any unexpected time, good sir.

  20. It doesn’t matter who I am
    So praps I’ll be exploding jam ;-)

  21. I think you may be all three, and a tree :-)

    I live my life in widening circles
    that reach out across the world.
    I may not ever complete the last one,
    but I give myself to it.

    I circle around God, that primordial tower.
    I have been circling for thousands of years,
    and I still don’t know: am I a falcon,
    a storm, or a great song?

    ~ Rainer Maria Rilke
    tr. Anita Barrows and Joanna Macy

  22. I think that’s a compliment. :) Thanks, Ed!
    If God’s the Kingdom and the Power,
    you’re the Glory in the flower.

  23. I loved it once and once again!

  24. :) In that case, I’ll double up my thanks! :)

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