A Virgin Fairy Tale

* * * * *

Once upon a time

in a land close to home,

when I was young and free

to wish — to dream and roam,

I came upon a girl

who took me by the hand,

and led me to a love

I’d yet to understand.


She swept my heart away

with one swipe of her broom,

then bade me follow her

to a cherished inner room.

Her innocence was wild,

my soul was not yet tame,

our hopes were altogether,

her wants and mine — the same.

We mingled nervously,

unsure of where to start,

the space between us closed

to the beat of her heart.

She looked me in the eyes,

and brought us to a kiss.

As one, we learned to know

the feel of utter bliss.

The ensuing moments flew,

though for us, Time stood still.

The magic in the room

played a tune to fit the bill.

We danced the dance of love,

we gave ourselves away.

The gain — well worth the pain

of what we lost that day. 

*  *  *  *  *

Uncle Tree

Uncle Tree's House

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48 Responses to “A Virgin Fairy Tale”

  1. … and, that right there, my dearest Uncle, that she is now also you … is proof … of how the two became O/One! ;-)


    My dear Penny, too damn funny! :)
    How right you are ~ we’ve come so far.
    Thank you for understanding. Hugz, UT

  2. I’d give it five stars, Uncle, but I see you already have!

    Universe is all a-tremble, and so it should be ;)

    God bless.


    At first I was like…what? !lol! :)
    Made me look up, did you? He, he…
    We shall continue to do so, and do so very well.
    Thank you for your blessing, my main travelling man!

  3. once again a work of art. thanks so much for sharing… Sherri

    :) Thank you so very much, Sherri!

  4. “Her innocence was wild”

    they are the best..

    such a beauty uncle.
    and your little dialogue here show it better and simpler than anything else.

    may you continue to burn together.


    Burn…ya buddy! :)
    Very glad you liked it, Dhyan!
    “And it’s burn, burn, burn…the ring of fire, the ring of fire.”
    J.C. (No, not Him. Johnny Cash!)

  5. Ah, young love/lust–there’s nothing like it!

    I love this, Uncle Tree. xoxo


    Thank you, Gayle! :)
    Love you! UT X0X0

  6. magical and romantic tale.
    well done.

    Happy Belated Valentine,
    Thanks for the inspirations.

  7. Thank you so very much, Jingle Lady! :)
    And, sorry about that other…maybe, again, someday.

  8. Every day is new…
    just like the first time with you…
    Use your key, time after time
    you will always find that my love is prime….

  9. Rated R for your protection ——)

    Your love is prime for love sublime.
    My love is key, no lock for me.

    Use me, baby, drain my cup.
    Drink it down and fuck me up!

    :) Yowzer! :)


  11. UM ….yeh….giggle snort …sniff …choke awe…..omg

  12. A daily prayer, a daily grind,
    a rock a day to ease my mind.

    “To reach the sky! To find my love!
    To live the dream I’m dreaming of!”


    :) Uncle Tree say:
    Man cannot live by stones alone,
    lest he learn to turn stones into bread.

  13. Waking up…..

    I have been sleeping for so long,
    to wake me up, took a love this strong
    I lay dreaming of a day like this, as the clouds slowly drift by,
    I held onto this particular scene, when you held me so I could cry

    Your most tender arms embraced my weakness, holding me so tight
    I am so thankful, it kept me from a terrible plight
    I can’t understand, why the years swept by
    I turn over and all I can do is sigh…

    I am so blessed by your presence every day,
    I thank god, you’re here to stay

  14. :) That was really quite wonderful, Cheryl! :)

    I believe you took the fanciful words of love aside,
    and bade them go hither and yonder through the dale
    in a dervish dance that doodled them perfectly into position.

  15. ““
    Dedicated to UT and Cheryl :)

  16. Lyrics

    “A Pillow of Winds”

    A cloud of eider down
    Draws around me softening the sound
    Sleepy time when I lie
    With my love by my side
    And she’s breathing low
    And the candle dies.
    When night comes down you lock the door
    The boot falls to the floor
    As darkness falls the waves roll by
    The seasons change
    The wind is warm.
    Now wakes the owl, now sleeps the swan
    Behold a dream, the dream is gone
    Green fields
    A cold rain is falling
    Near the golden dawn.
    And deep beneath the ground
    The early morning sounds and I go down
    Sleepy time in my life
    With my love by my side
    And she’s breathing low
    And I rise like a bird
    In the haze and the first rays touch the sky
    And the night winds die.

  17. How funny, Bonnie! Cheryl is here with me and we just listened to
    “A Pillow Of Winds”, and whilst we were at it, I looked up the lyrics.
    Then we pop back over here, and here you have the lyrics for us. :)

    Thank you so very much for your blessing, and for your well-wishes!

    Luvz & Hugz! Keith & Cheryl

  18. Where did I go wrong….did I dare to hope and dream
    of a love so supreme
    maybe I am expecting too much change
    is this love unable to maintain?

    I never felt so much love in a breeze with a passionate kiss
    it’s killing me….knowing how much I miss
    every minute that ticks by
    you’ve left me with a tear in my eye

    I can’t help wanting so much from you and yours
    this is our chance to open the other doors
    I can’t believe this turn of desires regroup your mind
    as if I didn’t hear what you said the first time…

    I can’t handle the space in these lost moments of question
    by the thought of a mere suggestion
    maybe a push in the idea is long needed
    so my needs and thoughts have been pleaded…..

    Where are we now my first love
    should I re think of what once was……..
    Is this life I want to create..
    will it take you away and diveate

    I wish you would speak what your mind holds on to
    is it me……….

  19. Is it you? Or is it Madonna? That is the question, Mi’Lady.
    It’s an easy one for me to answer. Still, since she did come to mind…
    and necklaces are the common silver thread I see running between u 2 -
    amongst other sexy and provocative turns of the cheek ~ ;)

  20. Oh…my my my…….you couldn’t have said it any better love

  21. Beautiful..!!

    Your lady is a lucky one for such words to be written for her!!
    The gain — well worth the pain- not too often you strike such balanced deals.. :D

    Hugs xx

  22. :) Thank you, Olivia! Hugz backatcha! :)

  23. What a beautiful fairy tail, indeed. Maybe it deserves to be written, as it would make a great fantasy…

  24. Perhaps, it deserves to be lived, and then
    retained in the memories of the two lovers
    forever and ever, or till death do them part. (?)

  25. Death shall never part,
    this bleeding heart…

    Its all in the pain
    of love running through my veins…

    Slow fade….

  26. The otherworldly perspicacity
    of Cheryl Ann is exceptionally
    and amazingly extraordinary!

  27. This tickled me to no end
    when I came back and read this again.

    The feelings are still there,
    yet still developing without a care
    wide open and willing to share

    Oh! I jump at the chance to sing this song
    A love so true and forever strong

    Feeling quite confident as my heart feels every beat
    Just sailing along, drifting. What a treat!


  28. :) That was really quite wonderful, Cheryl! :)

    I believe you took the fanciful words of love aside,
    and bade them go hither and yonder through the dale
    in a dervish dance that doodled them perfectly into position.

    I just read this again, too, Mi’Lady. I impressed myself.
    And down through a year’s worth of comments – here we are.
    No better place to be. And yet, I imagine for the best.

    Luvz & Hugz, Mmwaah! ♥

  29. I love this poem, it captures the kind of innocence that is not diminished by experience. A beauty untainted by concepts of sin or judgement. This is how love and sex should be expressed in words.

  30. Dear Cassie, your words and your review touched my heart.
    Thank you so very much! I’ll never forget the morning I sat down
    in a motel lobby and wrote this with the (36 years later) morning-after bliss hangover of repeating said experience :) ‘Twas grander than grand!

  31. Sweet and lovely!

  32. Thank you, Niamh! :)

  33. That was truly captivating, sweet and meaningful.
    Thanks for sharing your magic, Uncle Tree…

    Best wishes and happy weekend ahead, Aquileana :)

  34. Thank you, Amalia! My magic? LoL
    Too bad it didn’t come with an on/off button. ;)
    Have a great weekend! Cheerz, Keith

  35. I’ve just figured it out! ;) What do women want?

    ……………………………………………………………….. the last word. ~

  36. Well, do you know what the last word is? :)

  37. “Yes!” :) “No?”

  38. So BEAUTIFUL! But, I’m almost in tears–a love that amazing that goes away–the “dance the dance of love” touched me on many levels–I’ll have the share that story of my own heartbreak soon. Wow–you are AMAZING!!! Thank you for sharing…this is so special to me! :) Love you!

  39. Yeah! :) I’m tickled pink to know you enjoyed this.
    My bark is blushing — love you for sharing Uncle Tree! <3
    Thank you kindly, Amie. Luvz and hugz, Keith ~

  40. Keith!!! :) I love your bark, by the way. You have amazing branches…and well, your root system–none can match! :)

  41. He-he-he.. Blogging in 2014! :) Does it get any better than this?

  42. enjoyable oh man of enigmas…I used to freaking idolize madonna..this took me back to high school so ty and reminded me of one of her songs I love! :) caro

  43. You’re welcome, dear Caro. :) Glad you liked. Thank you!

  44. This is very lovely and with your trademark ethereal charm… I think you have penned this very emotional topic beautifully well, huggssd ut, caro

  45. I’m very glad you like this innocent one, Caro. :) Thank you for everything!
    Especially for the tale the two of us are weaving as we speak. Luvz, Keith

  46. Oh darling I want to wrap you into my cocoon and love u forever.. Pw

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